The Specialist Supplier

Who we are

All of us at A Society have one thing in common, a genuine belief that we can make a difference. Both to the customers, but also to the self-employed consultants. Our backgrounds and abilities vary but we share a drive and a passion to make everyone a winner, through being the best problem solvers and understanding how we can give both consultants and customers what they need.

We’ve become good at interpreting requirements and needs. We’ve become experts in listening and asking the right questions. We see the connections and understand how things – and people – work together.
We see what really matters, what is important for real, and we never settle until we’ve found the best possible solution.


What we do

What we do best, is solving any kind of consultant related challenges. To our customers, that means getting the right person, with the right competence to sign up for the assignment as quickly as possible.  The consultants that work with us are looking for challenging, exciting assignments and personal and professional development.

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How we do it

Our core values are the foundation upon which all our other business decisions have been made. They have created an organization and a way of working that won’t allow us to take any shortcuts or turn our backs on those values (you can read more about these in the next section).

To us, it has been important to create a personal relationship to both customers and consultants. That has been the foundation for how we work and make decisions.

Simply put, A Society has two divisions – Sales and Network. Both areas are equally important but have different focus.
We have made a clear distinction between those of us who work closest to the customer and those who work closest to the consultant. We put together a shared situation assessment of current state of competence requirements and competence maintenance within the region. 

The customer relationship managers within the Assistera sales team focus on the sales process. They have many years of experience between them from both the consultancy area as well as technology companies and have worked for several years within roles such as consultancy managers, development managers and line managers.
In the other part of the organization, focus is on the network and the consultants. Here there are agents, who above all builds and develops the network and be the number one contact for the consultants.


Our core values

At A Society, we have defined three core values that we all stand behind and live by, in our daily work. Transparent, personal and independent. These words, these expressions sum up what we stand for and they shape our decisions and actions. 

Transparent. We are open, with our intentions, our agreements and our opinions. We believe that the most successful business and the most long lasting relationships are built on honesty and clarity.  In a business agreement with A Society, everyone knows what everyone gets. No secrets. No hidden agenda. We build long term partnerships based on knowledge and trust.

Personal. We will never be the kind of supplier that settles for sending a bunch of resumes and then consider our work done. It is simply not an option for us, to recommend someone we haven’t met in person, at least a couple of times. The same thing goes for our customers – we make sure to know them and their business well.  And we keep on keeping in touch, because that’s just how we are.

Independent. Our whole business plan is founded on the idea of not having any employed consultants, but rather work with a large network of self-employed consultants. They are driven, always eager to learn and stay ahead. Our only real objective is to match the right consultant with the right assignment, every time. We put our focus and skill into finding the right candidate, and let you focus on your business.

It’s a win – win – win situation – and we do like to be winners… 



We make sure that the right people meet. We bring the customer and the consultant together, quicker and with less hassle than most because we understand what the customer needs and what the consultant know and want. 

Within the A Society group we work with everything within competence management; we assist with competence analysis and forecasts, we offer assistance with recruitments and flexible employee solutions/platforms.  We provide guidance and advice regarding running small businesses, self-employment, recruitment and head hunting.

Working very actively with our network and our personal contacts, as well as working actively with social media and other tools, we’re able to create situation assessments over competences and trends that give us a thorough understanding of what the market looks like now and where it is heading. 
Thanks to our experience and our substantial network we have managed, time and time again, to find that specific consultant with a set of skills that was crucial to the customer, but seemed impossible to find.

A good day starts with at least one seemingly unsolvable task that we manage to sort out before lunch...