Benefits with A Society

Access to the top assignments

Some people are attracted to the idea of large companies with the possibility to work internationally. Others look forward to participating in international projects and environments. Some people feel strongly for product development, or to find out just how far the technology boundaries can be pushed. When working with our customers, you’ll get the chance to do all this, and more. Our key customers are found within the telecom, vehicle and defense industries, but we also work with smaller product development companies.

We have become experts of searching for, and finding, unusual and rare roles and competencies. When someone needs to find a consultant with a rare set of skills, they tend to turn to us and we often get the job done. Some examples of the roles we look for, most of the time, are software and system developer, electronics engineer, project manager, technical information writers/engineers or mechanical construction designers.

Our customers trust us because we, time after time again, prove that we understand their business and what they need – and find it for them very quickly. That is why we keep receiving many exciting assignments from our customers to distribute to our network.


Dedicated sales force

Our key account managers have two customers – the customer – and YOU. You are both needed for a succesful business deal. Assistera has also created an entire organizational area for focusing on networking where, among others, Agents work. Agents focus on consultants in the same way that the key account managers focuses on the customers. It is never more important for us to get a deal in place, then to get the right deal in place. If we don’t believe you are the right person for a certain assignment, we will tell you and let you know why – and find something else for you.

We want to contribute and add to your personal development and we do that by listening to you and understand what you know and where you want to go. Then we can help you to move in that direction. We know our customers, we know the market and we will get to know you. That way we can make sure to do the right deal, over and over.


Less administration, more free time

Sometimes taking the step to running your own business can feel intimidating. The responsibility of the finances, taxes, agreements and the legal aspects may feel intimidating. Or simply too time consuming. We have considerable experience of working with large companies, and how they work with self-employed consultants. We have knowledge and we have routines and processes in place to handle the administration, the agreements, the security clearances et cetera. You get to focus on what you do best, your area of expertise, while we help you with the necessary administration. When you work with A Society you get more free time to spend the way you like. 


Personal career partner

Sometimes you want to be able to discuss the thoughts you have on your career or professional development. It might not be any huge decisions, just someone to speak to about different options. Of course we want to help you moving on, continue to develop, whether it’s the next assignment, thoughts on a career change, market trends or your financial situation. We have a lot of knowledge and experience from competence management – we know where to find the best co-workers, we understand what they value and we realize there is great value in being continuously challenged and pushed forward. Our understanding of running one’s own business gives us a great advantage when speaking to the customers – we know what self-employed people can offer and what is important. Just like we really understand and know our customers. Our contacts, our own experience and our knowledge of the technology business - and the self-employed business – make us the only partner you really need to talk to.

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