Closed: San Jose, CA - Web Developer - Ref: 560002

Job description

A silicon valley based startup is looking for a seasoned web developer with prior experience working in startups. Candidates will have a 4-hr on-site interview with a same day result.

Location: San Jose, CA

Start Date: ASAP

Duration: 6 months

Required competence

  • 7 years+ building web applications using HTML, CSS, Javascript and AJAX
  • Languages: NodeJs, Python, Java
  • Database: SQL, MongdoDB (or any NoSQL equivalent)

Wanted competence

  • CS, Engineering, or other technical degree from a highly distinguished higher academic institution
  • UI Frameworks - JQuery, Angular, Ember, Knockout, GWT, YUI
  • Other JS Frameworks - Underscore, Backbone, MooTools, Browserify, Webpack
  • CSS Frameworks - LESS, SASS, PostCSS, Bootstrap
  • Cloud Infrastructure - AWS, Digital Ocean, Rackspace
  • DevOps - Ansible, Salt, Docker, Terraform

Place of assignment

San Jose, CA

Assignment duration

Start: 2016-10-01
End: 2017-04-30

Contact person

Paul Barone
+1 214 402 8682