Closed: North Carolina - Cost Engineer - Ref: 1130021

Job description

• Product cost and material cost forecasting in projects from early phases to late stages in projects.

• Drive product cost optimization and control/monitor product cost activities within projects, from early phase to maintenance.

• Optimize concept selection from a profitability and product cost perspective. Secure robust concept selection.

• Support a strong collaboration with Engineering and Purchasing bringing the product cost management culture into the cross functional work.

• Support other PCCs and Finance Project Managers in product cost analysis

Required competence

  • Engineering and/or purchasing background

Wanted competence

  • Experience in heavy duty automotive industry
  • Financial skills or understanding.
  • Structured. Being able to compile financial information and present in a structured way.
  • Teamwork oriented
  • Able to manage and structure large amount of data
  • MS excel (pivot etc)

Place of assignment

North Carolina

Assignment duration

Start: 2019-04-01
End: 2019-12-31

Contact person

Filip Rosander
+1 336 582 5386