One Specialist Supplier

We share a drive and a passion to make everyone a winner, through being the best problem solvers and understanding how we can give both self-employed consultants and customers what they need.

We are the only supplier you need, for all your consultant and competence needs.
So, what can you expect from working with us?

  • Access to thousands of specialists, through ONE supplier
  • Transparent and honest business
  • Always the right consultant for the assignment
  • Adaptable and flexible solutions, to match your operational demands


ONE supplier – thousands of specialists

Time and the market is changing. New ways of making business, connecting to people and finding the right staff are being established. Keeping a traditional employment is not necessarily the preferred career option, more and more people see the obvious advantages of being self-employed, in charge of their working life. With more people running their own business, fewer experts are found within the large companies. A vast part of the expertise is now found within the small companies or one man consultancy businesses. 

At A Society we have been working with these self-employed consultants for many years. We’ve become good at finding them, motivating them and understand what their key competences are. That’s why our customers can focus on their business and leave the hunting for consultants and top expertise resources to us.

Searching for the right people to hire is costly and time consuming, regardless if it’s for employment or as consultants. We are used to finding the impossible, never heard of, rare competencies and profiles – that is what we do, every day. We offer different solutions and work with flexible platforms to make sure our clients get exactly what they need. We will adjust to your company and your specific requirements. There are thousands of specialists and hundreds of companies available within our consultant network. So, what do you need?