What Assistera offer

Transparent business model

We believe that the best deals are made between partners that trust each other. It’s a nicer way of doing business, and to be perfectly honest – it makes more sense. For relationships to last, they have to be nourished, they have to be taken care of. We’ve realised that there is a rather easy way of making sure our business relationships last for a long time. It’s called honesty. And keeping things simple.  We do business as straight forward as possible, and we tell it like it is.

All parts of our business are firmly rooted in our core values; personal, transparent and independent.  That means that we get to know our consultants and customer well and understand what it is they need, before we suggest a solution. We want to maintain a close personal contact and be a reliable partner during the entire career.

We are completely open and transparent in our business. The three parties involved – A Society, the customer and the consultant – will have full insight into the agreements. Everyone sees what everyone gets.  

Being independent means that we always choose the right consultant for the assignment. You can read more about that in the next section.


Always the right consultant for the assignment

We are not the only ones working only with self-employed consultants, but we were among the first. We realized early on that there was a need for new ways of working with consultants running their own business. There large companies buying consultants missed out on some of the greatest expertise by only working with the large consultancy agencies.

So, we’ve worked with this for quite some time, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We have routines and processes and a deep understanding for the self-employed working situation. We’ve had time to learn how we meet customer needs while offering the consultant what he/she needs and wants.

At A Society we soon saw the advantages of being able to offer that specialist competence our customers required through a sub-contractor network. With an independent network of self-employed consultants, where the cooperation and business relationship is based on mutual trust, honesty and knowledge we can always offer the best possible consultant for the assignment. No other factors need to be weighed in – the consultant with the most suitable profile and who we feel will fit into the company and the culture the best, will be recommended for the assignment.

The specialists in our network are very experienced within their field and wit their seniority comes a certain understanding of themselves. Getting the right assignment, working with the right company and technology, will build their career and strengthen their own development further, which also benefits the customer. In short, everybody wins from making sure the right person gets the assignment. That is how we succeed in building long term relationships and create successful partnerships, by doing everything we can for both the customer and the consultant to get as much as possible from the cooperation, and make sure everyone feels like a winner.


Adjustable solutions

Our key area of business is competence management. We help our customers finding the specialists they need and we help our sub-contractors finding motivating and interesting assignments. That is a re-active work method, where we reactively solve problems or requests delivered to us by our customers and consultants. But we want to do, and can do, so much more than that. We also take on the part of a long-time partner, for all kinds of questions and needs that are competence and personnel related.

Mainly our partnerships and cooperation with customers are focused on or around three things:  
1. Short term competence management
a. We supply specialist competences on short notice according to a set specification from the customer.
b. We identify and create a competence profile based on a current need. 
2. Long term competence management.  We analyse the long term competence need within the company, together with the customer and build or strengthen our sub-contractor network based on this analysis to match the need.

Although we gladly take on customers from any industry or segment, most of our customers today are within the ICT, defense and vehicle industries. From a technology perspective the challenges and competence needs are usually found within product and system development within mechanics, electronics, software development, UX, UI and technical writing.
The roles our consultant stake on are of a wide range, from Configuration Managers, Java developers, test leads, strategic sourcing managers or Project Managers. Most of them have a background in engineering, but we obviously work with other types of competence profiles as well.

Since our goal is to always solve our customer’s problems and challenges, sometimes we also assist with recruitment processes, ”try and buy” employments and other employee platforms that at certain times may be necessary  to match the customer’s need with the right resource. 

That is how we become our customer’s number one partner within competence management.